Indexica transforms streaming global events into quantified metrics, predictive indexes, and strategy signals to help clients

make sense of and predict a complex, changing,
and opportune world.

Tracking Indexes

Leverage tracking indexes, which intersect streaming textual web data with econometric modeling to precisely decipher, measure, and convert collective behavioral events into signals that create historical context and real-time situational awareness.

Predictive Indexes

Utilize predictive indexing, which leverages complex machine learning strategies to decipher patterns in streaming textual data using our proprietary quantified metrics as the basis upon which to construct indexes whose ongoing values signal predictions.

Digital Intelligence

Interact with our platform to make sense of a complex, changing, and opportune world, as represented by streaming textual web data by using dozens of assessment metrics in order to digest market intelligence and augment brain power.

Indexica utilizes algorithmic models where humans apply mind, experience, sense, discernment, and knowledge.

Develop historical context,
real-time situational awareness,
and expectations for the future.

Decipher, measure, and predict
collective behavioral patterns.


Interactivity Is The Focus

Essential for hedge funds and asset managers, client demand also originates from organizations spanning various industries.


Indexica’s indexes are one-number indicators used for tracking, predicting, and communicating change, using a combination of our proprietary metrics. An index tells an entire story in one number.

Use Indexes

Limitless areas of economic and social life rely upon the use of indexes, a quintessential means for documenting change. Indexica is focused on observing and predicting change as a method to deliver global event intelligence. Indexes are a conduit by which this goal is executed.

Predictive Indexing Works

Predictive indexing propagates through streaming texts that reflect world events using natural language processing, econometric modeling, machine learning, and extensive parallel computing to find patterns that a human would never be able to detect among the millions of potential variations that exist by integrating our metrics with event streams. After a comprehensive process fuses a predictive index together, ongoing event streams can be forecasted.

The world’s leading minds
are turning to Indexica to forecast
global events.”

Digital Intelligence



Public and Private


We focus on everything
so that our clients can
focus on anything.

World events are continually streamed into the written domain in real time, providing Indexica a method by which behavioral events can be converted into measurable metrics.

Indexica is an insights
platform for enhanced

Indexica gathers vast amounts of streaming data from tens of thousands of textual web sources in real time. Our platform filters, structures, and segments collected text streams and migrates them into the curated Indexica Web; the basis upon which semantic search, filters, metrics, and tools are leveraged.


Private Indexica



The world is not on the verge of
changing at a slower pace and
enterprises must forecast and
adapt to change, or they will fail.

Our Clients Crave The Analytics of Change

Our clients agree that competitive advantage comes from being able to make proactive decisions before all of the facts, trends, and patterns are widely known. Our platform enables them to navigate through what is changing in the context of global events, to know where change is occurring, who the major players are, and what actions can be taken to benefit from what’s happening.

How Indexica Delivers

Turning Points Are Detected With Speed

Our private Indexica Web, semantic search engine, unique quantified metrics, and intuitive index tools are the means by which Indexica derives, transforms, and delivers digestible niche intelligence with extreme velocity.

Tracking and Predictive Indexes Are Delivered

Indexes are employed to measure the competitive landscape, predict real world events, execute successful trading strategies, assist with data-based decision-making, track global trends, create benchmarks, and develop financial products.

Data Is Conveyed In Small Bits

Our platform facilitates the conversion of big unstructured web data into bite-sized bits via indexes and metrics so that essential intelligence is delivered to clients in an absorbable and actionable format.

Non-Obvious Patterns Are Detected Early

Our tools empower clients to detect and predict events, anomalies, patterns, and relationships that are impossible for the human mind to uncover, enabling clients to identify and benefit from trends far before they become widely known.

Streaming Textual Event Data Is Decoded

Our platform sifts through masses of curated textual web content, translating global events, and empowering clients to utilize forecasting signals to make intelligent and profitable decisions, whether related to asset allocation or another competitive application.

A Comprehensive NLP System Is The Backbone

Our self-developed, comprehensive natural language processing system is focused on extracting and converting unstructured textual information into measureable metrics.