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Indexica is an interactive web-intelligence platform,
leveraged to transform global events into quantified metrics, predictive indexes, and strategy signals.

Leverage tracking indexes, which intersect streaming textual web data with econometric modeling to precisely decipher, measure, and translate collective behavioral events into signals that create historical context and real-time situational awareness.

Utilize predictive indexing, which leverages complex machine learning strategies to decipher patterns in streaming textual data using our proprietary quantified metrics as the basis upon which to construct indexes whose ongoing values signal predictions.

Interact with our platform to make sense of a complex, changing, and opportune world as represented by streaming textual web data by using dozens of assessment metrics in order to digest market intelligence and augment brain power.

Clients and Industries Served

Essential for hedge funds and asset managers, client demand
also originates from organizations spanning various industries.

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Our Technology

  • Comprehensive NLP System
  • Virtual Common Sense
  • Knowledge-Based Platform
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Intense Velocity
  • Exclusive Approaches

Who We Are

Anchored on multiple continents, we have decades of experience in data science, economics, software engineering, finance and banking, media and marketing, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.