Clients and Industries

Essential for hedge funds and asset managers, client demand also
originates from organizations spanning industry sectors.

  • Fortune 500 companies.
  • Hedge funds and asset managers.
  • Media companies, journalists, publishers, and content managers.
  • Think-tanks, researchers, and consultancies.
  • Agencies and brand managers.
  • Governments, politicians, and political organizations.

Our Clients Crave
The Analytics of Change

Our clients agree that competitive advantage comes from being able to make proactive decisions before all of the facts, trends, and patterns are widely known.

They agree that they need to adapt to and predict change or risk failure. Our platform enables them to navigate through what is changing in the context of global events, to know where change is occurring, who the major players are, and what actions can be taken to benefit from what’s happening.

The Power of Prediction

At the core of competitive advantage is prediction power. Indexica’s predictive indexes empower clients to utilize forecasting signals to make profitable decisions, whether related to asset allocation or another competitive application.