Who We Are

Anchored on multiple continents, we are a highly time-zone efficient group of modern brains.

Our founders are comprised of an Indian-American living in Frankfurt, a Bostonian
living in Los Angeles with his family, and a Portuguese living internationally with his family.
Together, we have decades of experience in data science, economics, software
engineering, finance and banking, media and marketing, natural language processing,
and artificial intelligence.


Zak Selbert

Zak Selbert is a founding partner of Indexica and is the company’s CEO. Zak is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience founding successful companies.

At Indexica, Mr. Selbert amalgamates his experience in finance, investment banking, economics, and trend observation. Zak is the founding Principal of Vista Capital Company, a boutique, Los Angeles-based, investment banking firm, where he has engineered, negotiated, and closed approximately $3 billion of debt and equity transactions. Zak is also a co-founder of Scriptation, a productivity app for television and movie professionals. Zak is a graduate of the Boston University School of Management and lives in Los Angeles with his family.


Miguel Enguica

Miguel Enguica is a founding partner of Indexica and is the company’s CTO. Miguel has been successfully transforming advanced visions into real world software applications for the last twenty years. Companies he has founded have gone on to be large and successful global enterprises.

Miguel’s expertise fuses natural language processing, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, text mining, data structures, and systems engineering. Mr. Enguica’s extensive background in NLP strengthens Indexica’s unique approach to knowledge extraction from unstructured textual information. Passionate about artificial intelligence, Miguel holds a degree in software engineering from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.


Tobin Hanspal

Tobin Hanspal is a founding partner of Indexica and is the company’s CDO. Tobin brings over a decade of experience in behavioral economics and finance, marketing, media strategy, and data analytics.

Mr. Hanspal is an assistant professor at the Department of Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt where he focuses on behavioral finance and empirical research. His professional background stems from his experience in Client Strategy at Ogilvy and Mather and Neo@Ogilvy in New York, a worldwide 360º marketing agency. Over the course of his career, Tobin has led strategic development for several Fortune 500 clients, specifically in financial services. At Ogilvy, Tobin was in charge of managing millions of dollars per year of content, developing proprietary branded content, and integrating social media with brand development. Tobin holds a PhD in Economics and lives in Frankfurt, Germany.