What Is An Index To Us /

An index is a one-number indicator used for tracking, predicting, and communicating change over time, using a combination of our custom metrics. An index tells an entire story in one number.

Why Use Indexes?

Limitless areas of economic and social life rely upon the use of indexes, a quintessential means for documenting change. Indexica is focused on observing and predicting change as a method to deliver global event intelligence. Indexes are a conduit by which this goal is executed.

Predictive Capacity

Predictive indexes forecast ongoing real-world events. Predictive indexing is the “so what” that converts everything we are capable of doing technologically into invaluable predictive signals that are infinitely actionable due to their predictive power.

Index Development Application

The Indexica web application features an intuitive do-it-yourself index-making interface.

Indexes Inside Your Organization

Because indexes are simple to digest, they effectively communicate concepts among diverse teams. Use indexes to:

  • Predict real world events.
  • Measure the competitive landscape.
  • Execute successful trading strategies.
  • Assist with data-based decision-making.
  • Track global trends relevant to your enterprise.
  • Create trackable benchmarks.
  • Develop financial products such as ETFs.
  • Structure contracts with less ambiguity.
  • Develop baselines for corporate strategies.
  • Enhance situational awareness and brain power.

Indexes Outside Your Organization

Branded as client’s desire, indices are proprietary, valuable, data-centric content assets that resonate across audiences. Indexes are highly marketable and have a role for many clients in content, sales, communications, and branding.