Intuitive Index Development

The index development application is a user-friendly, do-it-yourself construction interface within our web app.

The application facilitates the conversion of metric-based insights, gleaned from our intelligence platform, into one-number indexes.

Tracking Indexes

Tracking indexes are designed and developed from start to finish by the user, based on desired metric inputs, condition stamps, and composition methods. The results translate world events into trackable signals from a backwards looking standpoint and on a go-forward basis.

Predictive Indexes

A predictive index goes in the reverse order as compared to a tracking index. With a predictive index, clients decide what they want to be able to predict, and Indexica assembles an index whose readings can predict, with pre-defined precedence and levels of accuracy, what the client needs to forecast going forward.

Creative Construction

In addition to developing composite indexes with pre-defined math that mimics the construction of typical financial indices, users can customize and develop thoughtful composition methods using a web-based calculator.