Predictive Indexes

Predictive indexing leverages complex machine learning strategies to decipher patterns in streaming textual data using our proprietary quantified metrics as the basis upon which to construct indexes whose ongoing values signal predictions.

By far the most important and complex feature within our product set, predictive indexes are limitlessly valuable to our clients who make proactive decisions and execute trades based on value changes.

What Predictive Indexes Do

Predictive indexes forecast ongoing real world events. World events are continually documented in writing, and as such, predictive indexes continually provide signals that precede real world events.

Why Use Predictive Indexing

Data is only useful if it is actionable and predictive indexing is the “so what” that converts everything we are capable of doing technologically into invaluable predictive signals that are infinitely actionable due to their predictive power.

How & Why It Works

Predictive indexing propagates through streaming texts that reflect world events using natural language processing, econometric modeling, machine learning, and extensive parallel computing to find patterns that a human would never be able to detect among the millions of potential variations that exist by integrating our metrics with event streams. After a comprehensive process fuses a predictive index together, ongoing real world event streams become predictable.

Who Uses Predictive Indexes

For hedge funds and other asset managers, predictive indexing is essential. The events that clients often want to predict can derive from any numerical stream, such as financial data, corporate data, medical data, crime data, economic data, political data, security data, IOT data, marketing data, etc. Each type of event prediction is useful to a different client.

Exclusive Rights

Because there is significant alpha delivered in a predictive index, each index a client develops is exclusively theirs to benefit from. We do not allow multiple clients to create, save, or utilize the same predictive index.

Client Text and Data

In addition to transforming news media text into quantified metrics, Indexica can utilize client textual data and client inputted condition data as the basis upon which to utilize predictive indexing. This is often essential if the desired prediction event is micro in nature.