Intelligence Platform /

Indexica gathers vast amounts of streaming data from tens of thousands of textual web sources in real time. Our platform filters, structures, and segments collected text streams and migrates them into the curated Indexica Web; the basis upon which semantic search, filters, metrics, and tools are leveraged by clients to develop and assess tracking indexes, predictive indexes, and indispensable market intelligence.

Intelligence Gathering

Our system crawls and reads millions of texts per day from economic, scientific, political, social, and technological sources across global markets.

Indexica Web

The Indexica Web is a human-curated private database, featuring streaming textual web content centered on global events.

Search & Filters

Clients interact with data via our semantic search engine, which enables them to define how intelligence should be delivered, using intelligent semantics, filters, and advanced NLP technology.


Dozens of proprietary assessment metrics and tools are the conduits by which clients evaluate and measure transformed global event knowledge.

Interactive Digital Intelligence

Symbiotically interact with our platform to make sense of and predict a complex, changing, and opportune world. Indexica filters out the "noise" of insignificant changes using ai, enabling clients to distinguish between meaningless incidents and major turning points.

Visual Tools & Content

Leverage information-graphic tools to create visually pleasing content derived from smart analytics. Our platform enables communicators such as journalists and marketers to connect with data to uncover insights, develop relevant content, corroborate observations with facts, create campaigns, and distribute data-centric insights that resonate across audiences.