Intelligence Gathering

Streaming Data Capture

In real-time, our platform ingests every essential byte from the billions of articles and data points that are continually streamed to the web.

Wide Angle Collection

Diversity enables our platform to maintain a broad perspective of global events. Sources range from daily newspapers in China, to leading medical journals in California, to SEC filings.

Filtering & Extracting

Using advanced natural language processing techniques, our system detects what it’s looking at as a human would, and processes millions of lines of text through filters that remove noise before extracting and storing crucial items.

Public and Private Data

Indexica is text-type agnostic, which allows clients to convert their textual data into quantified metrics, predictive indexes, and strategy signals. This flexibility allows clients to analyze long texts, such as movie scripts, earnings call transcripts, or Federal Reserve reports, or short text streams such as emails, customer service chats, or social media interactions.